Willie has a great passion for teaching, as a former teacher myself I can appreciate his passion. That passion is contagious it rubs off on people, it rubs off on me I know I’m passionate about it now and primarily a lot of it is due to the fact that I found PianoWithWillie. He cares about his students and that caring was exemplified in that offering the half hour follow up lesson. He is easy to understand he can go as in depth as you like, he can keep it as simple as you like. He really is a down to earth guy and a wonderful musician. I look forward to staying with Willie, I’m a member of his site now and I look forward to many more years of piano playing and hopefully my piano playing- i know it will- will improve and get even better in the years to come with Willie as my teacher, so if anybody out there in piano land is looking for a good piano teacher in any genre of music, any facet of the piano I strongly recommend PianoWithWillie.com.
Ron Guarascio