As a self taught amateur of jazz piano I struggled for years to play piano in small groups. I spent hours listening to my idols, searching for the right tones and lines, but mostly it didn’t sound as I had heard it and as I wished to sound. Once I finished my trial and error method I got a hint from a friend, which guided me on Willie’s website. With the help of Willie’s tremendous method, with his clarity in his elaborated instructions one is able more and more to come to understand the secret of playing and sounding good. He explained the art of playing jazz piano in such a comprehensible way, which is unique. Listen to Willie and you will understand what I mean. Many thanks to Willie for all the things I have learned from his online-school-system, which is more than I am ever able to work out. There is material for years to work on. I’m happy for the progress I could do with the help of Willie, which gave me the chance of producing a CD last year together with fantastic musicians in the region where I live.
Reiner Ziegler