Which Site Is Right For Me?

There are many sites that make up the Jazzedge network. Each site is listed below, along with a description of what you'll find in that site. Click on the site name to go to that site to learn more.

If you are looking for our downloadable lessons, please visit https://jazzedge.com. Please note, the lessons found at jazzedge.com are the same lessons that are found at PianoWithWillie, only you can purchase them individually for download.

For Beginners (0 months to 1 year of experience)
Site NameDescriptionCompletion TimeHours of VideoRecurring?Retail Price
Easy Piano BasicsEasy Piano Basics is a step-by-step method for adults who are new to the piano...or coming back to the piano after a break.3-5 months4 hoursNo$39
Home School PianoHomeSchoolPiano has been designed to teach even absolute beginners how to play the piano. Built on solid methodology that integrates throughout all 18 units, the rhythms and technique that you learn at the beginning of each unit carry over into the reading, song and improvisation learned later in the unit.2-3 Years25+ HoursMixed$299 / lifetime
$17 / month
For Students With 1 or More Years of Experience
Site NameDescriptionCompletion TimeHours of VideoRecurring?Retail Price
Piano With WillieWith 500+ lessons, individual one-on-one coaching with Berklee graduate Willie Myette, and access to a myriad of styles, the PianoWithWillie site is the "go to" place for online piano instruction.??-Years+550+ hoursMixed$49 / monthly
$399 / for 1 year
Jazzedge Microsites - Sites that focus on a specific style/genre
Site NameDescriptionCompletion TimeHours of VideoRecurring?Retail Price
Jazz Piano TheoryLearn jazz piano theory concepts like dominant motion, 2-5-1's, reharmonization techniques, how to arrange a lead sheet, tritone substitutions and more. This site is not for beginners. You should have gone through Music Theory Online first, know your chords and have played piano for a few years.2-3 years20+ hoursYes$34.95 / monthly
Music Theory OnlineIf you've never studied music theory before, Music Theory Online is the place to start. In this site you'll learn how to tap into music more fully by learning concepts like diatonic chords, intervals, scales, relative minor and other important musical concepts that transform the student musician into a professional. Perfect for players of all levels.2-3 years23+ hoursYes$19 / monthly
Funk Piano LessonsWe have created 18 lessons for the best funk techniques and songs to play on the piano. Impress your friends while playing tunes such as Michael Jackson's "Shake Your Body Down", Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" and many more.2-3 years20+ hoursYes$19 / monthly
Cocktail Piano LessonsYou will get access to 16 modules that teach you how to create full arrangements for Jazz standards, along with improvisation. Cocktail Piano Lessons is a complete course to teach you how to become a cocktail pianist.2-3 years30+ hoursYes$19 / monthly
Rock Piano LessonsWe have created lessons for 23 of the best rock songs to play on the piano. Impress your friends while playing tunes such as Billy Joel's "Just The Way You Are", Eric Clapton's "Layla" and many more. Plus learn Rock soloing techniques to improvise over your favorite rock songs.2-3 years28+ hoursYes$19 / monthly
Play Blues PianoLearn how to play both jazz and boogie-woogie blues progressions with accompaniments and improvisation.2-3 years30+ hoursYes$19 / monthly