New Piano Bootcamps
Coming in May!

Hurry…the pre-order price ends soon!

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Watch my “Shout out” to all my students…Can you guess where I am?

New bootcamps are starting in May, 2017. Here are some common questions students have about the bootcamps…

I can’t make the live session, will it be recorded?

Yes! All Bootcamps are recorded so you can review the recorded lesson shortly after the session (usually within an hour of the live session).

Will sheet music be available?

Yes. All bootcamps have downloadable handouts/sheet music which will be available for members of PianoWithWillie or those students who purchased the bootcamp either during the session or shortly after. We don’t share the music before some bootcamps because there are answers in the music, so it’s kinda like cheating if you see them before the session!

What times will the bootcamps be held?

For the May 2017 bootcamps, any student who has purchased the bootcamp will have the ability to vote for one of their favorite times. This is a benefit of purchasing early…the ability to vote for your favorite time slot. Bootcamps times are listed in Eastern Time Zone. Use the timezone converter

What’s Included in these New Bootcamps?

In part 2 of my Ear Training Bootcamp series, we will be learning how to solfege in minor keys.

We will also be learning :

  • How to dictate more complex rhythms
  • How to dictate more complex melodies
  • How to pick out chord progressions from bass lines
  • Review of Diatonic harmony and its usage

In this new bootcamp we will be learning how to improvise. This course is for beginners to improvisation and not beginners to the piano.

Prerequisites for this course; Student must know…

  • how to form a basic major scale
  • how to perform basic rhythms like quarter notes and eighth notes
  • should have been playing piano for a year or more

In this course you’ll learn:

  • how to form basic accompaniment patterns
  • how to form licks and improvisation melodies to fit over an accompaniment
  • how to effectively plauy hands together, even if you’ve failed in the past
  • how to improve your rhythm and dynamics
  • you’ll end up playing a solo by the time the course is complete
  • much more!

This bootcamp is for the seasoned player who already knows how to improvise but is looking to develop their improvisation skills in order to get to the next level.

We will be transcribing and dissecting sections of some classic piano solos in this course to build a program of study that you can utilize long after the course is complete.

All bootcamps come with sheet music which students can download. If you purchase the bootcamp you can also download the video for offline use. PianoWithWillie students have access to all bootcamps and if you’re already a member of PianoWithWillie you only need to purchase the bootcamp if you wnat to download the video. Streaming is included in your membership.