Get Started

As with any new system, it may take you a few minutes to get used to the structure of the PianoWithWillie site. I've created this guide to help you get started quickly.

Choosing a Course / Category

With so many courses and lessons available (over 500) I have broken the courses into Course Categories. These are listed in the menu under the 'Courses' link.

Choosing a Course

After choosing the course category, simply click on any course name to view the lessons for that course.

Choosing a Lesson

Within the course you'll see each of the lessons listed. Click any lesson title to see the lesson. Notice in the brown bar it now says "Lessons."

Playing a Lesson, Download Sheet Music

Once in the lesson, click play to begin the lesson or click on the Resources tab to download the sheet music and other files...if available. Not all lessons have other files available.

Using the Lesson Player

The lesson video player lets you control the video in many ways. Some functions of the player may not work on phones or tablets. This is not a limitation of the player, but rather a limitation of what can be accomplished on a phone/tablet.

Searching and Finding Lessons

At the top of each page, there is a search bar. When searching, it is recommended that you use only one word or a part of the title. For example, if you searched for the words "Summer Time" the lesson Summertime will not come up because of the space between words. However, if you search just for the word "Summer" then the songs Summertime and Summer Samba will both come up.

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