Course Description

Curious about blues theory?

In this collection we will be covering neighbor chords, trills, crushed notes, double-stops and more to create some cool sounding improvisation. You will also learn more about creating a walking bassline, how to form rootless chords and comp chords over that bassline. This approach makes it easier to learn many concepts over a form that you’ll use again and again. In addition, you’ll learn a new harmonization for the blues and 3 new blues variations! These new variations allow you to create numerous blues progressions of your own! These new variations will include tritone substitutions and other re-harmonization techniques. I will also cover the bassline fingering in detail. If you’re looking for beginner piano lessons I would take a look at HomeSchoolPiano. New to improvisation? I would suggest that you first look at my Beginner Improvisation Boot Camp where you will learn a more simplified, step-by-step improvisation approach. Course level: intermediate to advanced Time to complete this course: 8-10 weeks