Course Description

Ready to ramp up the intensity of your playing with some blues icons?

In this high energy collection, we will be working through the rocking, gospel-flavor of advanced licks that will bump up the intensity level of your solos. I’ll show you how to prevent hurting yourself while performing these intense licks and Lewis inspired keyboard “stunts”. How to put together the licks to create a ‘song’ combined with some really cool chords and bass lines is also included. Grab your cup of coffee for this collection…it’s intense! If you’re looking for beginner piano lessons I would take a look at HomeSchoolPiano. New to improvisation? I would suggest that you first look at my Beginner Improvisation Boot Camp where you will learn a more simplified, step-by-step improvisation approach. You’ll also learn more about New Orleans bass patterns and how to break apart these licks to create your own. Course level: intermediate to advanced Time to complete this course: 12-14 weeks