Valentin Taucher

Valentin Taucher

I also want to thank you for the great progress I have achieved over the last 3 years thanks to your site! Although I had a young university teacher it helped much having your videos as back up! While working it is nearly impossible to have regular lessons and your...

Janet B.

Willie Myette is a brilliant teacher! Ask any question about your piano playing and you can be confident that he has the knowledge and experience to sort out your problem. His videos are chock-full of great stuff taking you through your chosen lesson step by patient...


I am 50 years old living in Luxembourg. I had piano lessons for two years at the age of 18 and my plan was to become musical engineer but I quickly remarked that my musical talent was not enough so I skip this plan and became a medical doctor. I had bought myself...

Ed Brown

I’ve been a woodwind player for 50-plus years and have always in one clef. Willie has made it possible to read and play with two hands and in two clefs. Willie is an expert in getting students with various backgrounds and meager piano beginnings to really play...

Bruce Weiner

If you are like me and need to sample everything on the buffet table (courses and lessons) I suggest signing up for a coaching session. Willie provided me with valuable guidance that will help me satisfy my appetite and achieve my goals.

Myron Ward

Your direct guidance via Skype Session helps a student move in the proper direction and not get lost in the vast knowledge of this site and get discouraged by information overflow!


Do you search for a professional jazz piano private teacher who will teach you live as well as hundreds of hours of video lessons to study at your own pace? Stop searching, you have found the place to be !!

Maria Samms

Willie really puts your mind at ease during the lesson and gives great advice. I learned a lot in only 20 minutes.

Carol Casserly

I found my first coaching session with Willie to be very valuable. He was able to give me direction as to what I needed to focus on in order to meet my goals for improving my playing. As an adult looking to improve my skills, I really appreciate having the flexibility...


It is absolutely fundamental this support. Willie makes the difference and the teaching lesson is really helpful.

Douglas Kelly

I love the Skype lessons with Willie. Willie’s calm manner relaxes stressed out students like me. During the lesson he points out the things hindering your mastery of the instrument and gives direction and exercises to correct those issues. The lessons are also...

Ed Brown

Willie has the best lessons and courses that are around. They are easy to understand and in bite size pieces of information that is easy to digest. The accompanying videos are very important. I’ve played woodwinds for over 50 years and piano on the side for much...

Josep Garriga

It’s thrilling to have such an outstanding teacher at your disposal

Franz Riess

Please use this possibility. It really helps. I can really strongly recommend that !!