I am 50 years old living in Luxembourg. I had piano lessons for two years at the age of 18 and my plan was to become musical engineer but I quickly remarked that my musical talent was not enough so I skip this plan and became a medical doctor. I had bought myself electric piano now 20 years ago but I only played occasionally. I had only rare moments where felt pleasant with which I was playing and tried always to improvise a little bit but I felt there is a lack of musicality. 2 years ago I visited Paris with an old friend of mine who told me that he bought his son a keyboard with illuminated keys. I was so fascinated by this idea that I instantly bought myself also keyboard with illuminated keys just to remark after one day that that doesn’t work for me. So I continued with my Yamaha epiano searching for an online course. The course Piano Marvel fitted well to my needs and used it for one year. However I missed the personal contact or personal instructions from a teacher so I restarted searching an online program which is also more in the direction of Jazz. Finally, I found your program and started with PianowithWillie, but the level was still little bit too high for me. Therefore, are registered to the homeschoolpiano and am totally in favour of this program. Having instructor videos from a very encouraging teacher who is not telling you that you can learn the piano in in two days was exactly what I need. Three months ago I received an email from you about the boot camp for the eartraining. I have to admit that I was never able to sing even easy songs. I was not able to find the right notes and I was not able to imagine a melody when I saw the sheet music. Inspired by your Boot Camp I ordered application for the iPad and since three months I train myself every day for about an half an hour sometimes even more. Spending much time on that training with singing and learning the solfege system is so encouraging that it’s hardly to express. I’m still far away from perfect but for the first time of my life I am able to sing a scale or even simple chords and started with the book of children’s songs to sing from the sheets. I also take my favourite songs which I have heard for several hundred times and try to sing. Singing give so much joy and so helpful to play the piano that I really want to express all my gratitude and admiration for giving me this input to spend time on vocalisation. There are often moments where I thought that learning the piano at my age is too heavy, is it really worth all this time and effort for just a little progress but when I compare it to the joy that I have felt now in the last weeks it is clear that it is worth.