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Learning with others is a great way to motivate yourself. Our student community is available for you to share your goals and help other students.

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Once you become a member of PianoWithWillie, you immediately gain access to hundreds of lessons in a variety of styles. Since my method is based on participatory learning, this means you learn the piano by doing, not just through lecture.

You can browse my lessons to find one that “speaks” to your particular needs or using my Coaching With Willie™ program you get personalized practice plans.

Best of all, it’s all included with your membership!


online piano lessons with Willie Myette

My Students Are Saying…

I am very excited about the new coaching program. After filling out a short questionnaire, Willie responded with a short video describing my progress through the site’s lessons and what he wanted me to accomplish. Then he wrote lesson notes backing up what he showed on the video. And finally, he suggested a few lessons that he thought would benefit me. It is a great way to tie the lessons and courses on the site with your personal growth. Used correctly, I believe the accountability that comes from the coaching program will push you to the next level. Awesome idea! Douglas Kelly

After 41 years of playing the piano, which included multiple private teachers and college courses, I was not improving at a rate consistent with all of my hours of practice. I was still in search of the perfect instructor that could raise my playing to the next level and beyond. I researched on-line instructors and Willie seemed to be highly regarded. I was initially skeptical before I signed up but after becoming a member and involving myself in his lessons, I couldn’t be happier. The coaching aspect that was recently added also the only element I missed in private lessons, a teacher/friend relationship. Joel

Willie goes above and beyond trying to find new ways to help teach his students. It’s seems he’s on a mission to make sure every one of his students is successful. With all the new tools and plans and courses on the site if you are serious about your playing you can’t go wrong with Willie as your teacher. Michael Sherman

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I am 50 years old living in
Luxembourg. I had piano lessons for two years at the age of 18 and my
plan was to become musical engineer but I quickly remarked that my
musical talent was not enough so I skip this plan and became a medical
doctor. I had bought myself electric piano now 20 years ago but I only
played occasionally. I had only rare moments where felt pleasant with
which I was playing and tried always to improvise a little bit but I
felt there is a lack of musicality. 2 years ago I visited Paris with an
old friend of mine who told me that he bought his son a keyboard with
illuminated keys. I was so fascinated by this idea that I instantly
bought myself also keyboard with illuminated keys just to remark after
one day that that doesn’t work for me. So I continued with my Yamaha
epiano searching for an online course. The course Piano Marvel fitted
well to my needs and used it for one year. However I missed the personal
contact or personal instructions from a teacher so I restarted searching
an online program which is also more in the direction of Jazz. Finally,
I found your program and started with PianowithWillie, but the level was
still little bit too high for me. Therefore, are registered to the
homeschoolpiano and am totally in favour of this program. Having
instructor videos from a very encouraging teacher who is not telling you
that you can learn the piano in in two days was exactly what I need.

Three months ago I received an email from you about the boot camp for
the eartraining. I have to admit that I was never able to sing even easy
songs. I was not able to find the right notes and I was not able to
imagine a melody when I saw the sheet music. Inspired by your Boot Camp
I ordered application for the iPad and since three months I train myself
every day for about an half an hour sometimes even more. Spending much
time on that training with singing and learning the solfege system is so
encouraging that it’s hardly to express. I’m still far away from perfect
but for the first time of my life I am able to sing a scale or even
simple chords and started with the book of children’s songs to sing from
the sheets. I also take my favourite songs which I have heard for
several hundred times and try to sing. Singing give so much joy and so
helpful to play the piano that I really want to express all my gratitude
and admiration for giving me this input to spend time on vocalisation.
There are often moments where I thought that learning the piano at my
age is too heavy, is it really worth all this time and effort for just a
little progress but when I compare it to the joy that I have felt now in
the last weeks it is clear that it is worth.


Your direct guidance via Skype Session helps a student move in the proper direction and not get lost in the vast knowledge of this site and get discouraged by information overflow!

Myron Ward

Sign up for this site! Make sure to take the Skype lesson for instructions on where to begin.

Pattie Cossentino

I can’t thank you enough for what your lessons have done for me. I’ve come to realise that learning anything new in life whether it’s sport or the arts one has to allow himself to give into your desire physically and mentally and prepare yourself cause you won’t be the same person at the end. You’ll have grown with your desire and learnt new habits that will reflect your new skills and outlook on life. I happy to say I’m listening to music again but my taste in music has changed and it’s all for the good, I guess I found your lessons and the right time of my life. All I can do is stay true to myself and keep up the practice! You are a great teacher and good soul for what you are doing, keep up the good work.

Peter Herrera

As a self taught amateur of jazz piano I struggled for years to play piano in small groups. I spent hours listening to my idols, searching for the right tones and lines, but mostly it didn’t sound as I had heard it and as I wished to sound. Once I finished my trial and error method I got a hint from a friend, which guided me on Willie’s website.

With the help of Willie’s tremendous method, with his clarity in his elaborated instructions one is able more and more to come to understand the secret of playing and sounding good. He explained the art of playing jazz piano in such a comprehensible way, which is unique. Listen to Willie and you will understand what I mean.

Many thanks to Willie for all the things I have learned from his online-school-system, which is more than I am ever able to work out. There is material for years to work on. I’m happy for the progress I could do with the help of Willie, which gave me the chance of producing a CD last year together with fantastic musicians in the region where I live.

Reiner Ziegler

Willie has a great passion for teaching, as a former teacher myself I can appreciate his passion. That passion is contagious it rubs off on people, it rubs off on me I know I’m passionate about it now and primarily a lot of it is due to the fact that I found PianoWithWillie. He cares about his students and that caring was exemplified in that offering the half hour follow up lesson. He is easy to understand he can go as in depth as you like, he can keep it as simple as you like. He really is a down to earth guy and a wonderful musician. I look forward to staying with Willie, I’m a member of his site now and I look forward to many more years of piano playing and hopefully my piano playing– i know it will– will improve and get even better in the years to come with Willie as my teacher, so if anybody out there in piano land is looking for a good piano teacher in any genre of music, any facet of the piano I strongly recommend

Ron Guarascio

I really like this online format, because Willie has a genius for pinpointing ideas that are moving my playing along.


One of the best things about the site is Willie’s commitment to make the best online experience for his students.

Sachin Deshpande

Willie has a great sense of where you are as a player and what he can teach you to improve your playing. He is a great listener and coach. Looking forward to my next lesson. 🙂

Stacy Queen

I’m encouraged by the chance to do a few lessons by Skype! What a great opportunity to learn and ask questions, and Willie can pack a lot of helpful suggestions into 20 minutes! Thank you!

Sue V
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Unlimited 24/7 Access

Need to watch a lesson over and over again to get every note? Not a problem. All memberships come with unlimited streaming access to all piano lessons. This means you can view the lessons 24/7 without restriction. Best of all, you can watch from any Internet-enabled device. Watch a lesson on your phone then pick up where you left off on your tablet or home computer!

Coaching With Willie™


Do you struggle when it comes to practice?

Feel like your practice is not productive, or you’re not achieving your goals?

Do you want personalized help to get to the next level?

If this sounds like you, then you’ll love the Coaching With Willie™ program.

With my coaching program, you’ll know exactly which lessons you should be working on and have accountability to keep your practicing on track.

It’s like have a piano teacher on call. Best of all, there’s no cost for the coaching — it’s included in your membership 🙂

Live Chat Support

Sometimes you’re stuck and you just need a little help. Not to worry, my team is available on chat daily and they can help you with lesson suggestions, technical problems and any other music or account related issues that you might have! If they are not available, a support ticket will automatically be created for you so your questions get answered.

Hundreds of Piano Courses

As a member of PianoWithWillie, you get to enjoy over 4,000 individual lesson videos in the library covering styles like Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Latin, Funk, Rock and even Classical piano.

Lessons have been organized to make your piano practice more efficient and productive.

For the first 30 days, you’ll get access to my most important starting lessons. After 30 days, the entire library of lessons is unlocked for you and new lessons are added via live and pre-recorded videos.

Need to know which lesson to work on? Join a coaching group and join in the fun!

Check out my site comparison table to get the right lesson.

There is actually no one else in web music education at the level of Willie Myette and I have hired them all. If you are at all interested in understanding, learning, playing or improving your play at the piano, you must investigate this superb pianist and teacher. Lonnie Moseley

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