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With the largest piano library online, PianoWithWillie helps you learn songs, improvise and arrange…even if you’re a beginner.

24hr Full Access

You can watch the lessons as many times as you want, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Lessons can be streamed to any internet-enabled device including phones and tablets

Sheet Music

Detailed sheet music is included with each lesson. Don’t read music? No problem, you can see every note with the virtual keyboard.

Student Community

Learning with others is a great way to motivate yourself. Our student community is available for you to share your goals and help other students.

Online Piano Lessons Work!


Once you become a member of PianoWithWillie, you immediately gain access to hundreds of lessons in a variety of styles. Since my method is based on participatory learning, this means you learn the piano by doing, not just through lecture.

You can browse my lessons to find one that “speaks” to your particular needs or using my Coaching With Willie™ program you get personalized practice plans.

Best of all, it’s all included with your membership!


online piano lessons with Willie Myette

My Students Are Saying…

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My name is Beasley Reece. I’m a former NFL player and currently the Sports Anchor for CBS3 TV in Philadelphia. I would like to thank Willie for unlocking the mysteries that have held my Piano advancement in a stagnant place for many years. Willie’s teaching method and the interactive website made the difference for me. I work at night so having the lessons available in between newscasts or anytime I have a few minutes is important as well. The site is safe and secure. I join the monthly payment program in the winter and cancel in the summer when my focus turns to Golf and travel. Never a hassle to sign up or drop out. I recommend Willie’s program to anyone looking to improve technique, theory, or just add a few songs to the resume.

Beasley Reece

Back in 2009, a friend brought me a promo video for Jazz Piano. I was impressed and decide to call about it. Five years of learning with Willie has expanded my horizons exponentially. Willie is an incredible teacher! His method of breaking down concepts and songs is excellent. What’s nice is the ability of replaying the DVD to learn. I’ve got approximately 80 of his DVD’s. I can honestly say they are all good. Willie has saved me literally thousands of dollars I would have spent in lessons. That is, if I could find a teacher to learn them from. In closing I would say, Willie shows you the path, but we still have to do the work to walk and know it.

Bill Gibbons

Your lessons have not only taken me to the next level, but given me a much clearer path on where to go next.

Billy McCafferty

I’ve been a member of for approximately six years now, and I’m enjoying every minute of it. I’ve learned so much about how to play the piano. Willie’s instruction is so clear, and he makes the most complicated aspects of music theory very easy to understand. But the most important aspect of Mr. Willie Myette is his character. I had an opportunity to speak with Willie over the phone. He was so patient with me, and was genuinely concerned about my piano understanding, and how best to learn to play the piano as well as I can. I highly recommend You’ll be thoroughly pleased with Mr. Myette, and his organization.

C.L. Wright

I have been trying to learn how to play jazz standards for quite some time. My goal is to be able to play the piano using some cool sounds and not sound hokey. I have been through a few teachers in my life and although they were very good, and I learned a lot from them, I found that we would reach a point where I had exhausted their knowledge. This is far from the case with Willie.  He has so much material on his website, Piano With Willie, that  there is always something new to learn.  He also presents the material in a way that makes it easy to understand so that practicing isn’t a difficult task. He will teach you concepts so that you can use them on many tunes.

Donna Palmari

I was extremely excited when I found out Jazz Edge was offering a chance to play with a live band. There were two sessions in the “This Can’t Be Love” lesson. The first part was almost 2 hours of live instruction in how to play the song. This included, not only how to play it straight but also how to comp the song and a short tutorial on the scales and ideas for improvisation. The second session was playing with the live band. I didn’t know what to expect because I had never played with a band before. It was an incredible experience just to sit in with the professionals and see how they interact. It seemed like the drummer, bass player, and Willie could almost read each other’s minds. Anyway, I would take another session like this in a heart-beat. It taught me many things as well as made my rhythm problems obvious to me. Now I know what I need to work on. I highly recommend the experience.

Doug Kelly

Doug Kelly

The 30-Day Success Playbook lessons were exactly what I needed to get oriented to the massive resources available on the Piano with Willie website. They provided me a no-risk, engaging way to self-assess my current level of piano knowledge and technique so I could identify if Home School Piano or Piano with Willie would be more suitable.

Willie is able to cover a lot of material very efficiently while providing great examples, stories and context to aid the learning process. I’m looking forward to moving forward with a year’s membership to Piano with Willie.

Gord Hopkins

I appreciate the way you do not speak down to your students, and the way you clearly enjoy teaching. It’s your manner that makes the process as enjoyable as the goal, so thanks. While all your competitors do well in at least one area, your site stands alone for combining breadth and depth in foundational skills and song titles, with a top-notch teaching style. Thank you!

James Squire

As a self-taught intermediate piano player, I’ve always had a problem with piano teachers. They will teach you something more advanced in a lesson and you’ll eventually ‘get it’ but if you are not using it every day it will fade from your memory and while you remember a bit, you’ll need another lesson or more to reinforce the content. I find this especially true when I learn jazz methods and then spend time on classical for a few weeks.

Piano with Willie has changed this for me.  You can pick up a new technique, say quartals, play through the lessons but then return weeks later to refresh the parts you did not quite get or which you have forgotten. It’s like having a library of techniques at your disposal which you can refer to anytime and at your own pace.

With Willie, my playing has improved greatly and I would recommend his programs unconditionally.

John Metcalfe

I’ve been doing PianoWithWillie lessons for 5 years now, but i’ve been playing the piano for most of my life, so I’ve had many teachers. I can sincerely say that my experience with PWW has been my best musical educational experience. With PianoWithWillie it’s like I’ve got a box and I know that all the pieces are there and whichever piece I need be it improvisation, or accompaniments, or rhythm, I know I can find the piece on the site and it’s  recorded there so I can go back and look over it again. I find Willie a fabulous teacher, he answers all my queries before I’ve asked them and he’s good fun, I can’t really speak highly enough about him how enjoyable and rewarding my experience has been with PianoWithWillie and I’ve improved a great deal over the last 5 years.

Kerry Beaumont
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What’s Included in a Membership?

Unlimited 24/7 Access

Need to watch a lesson over and over again to get every note? Not a problem. All memberships come with unlimited streaming access to all piano lessons. This means you can view the lessons 24/7 without restriction. Best of all, you can watch from any Internet-enabled device. Watch a lesson on your phone then pick up where you left off on your tablet or home computer!

Coaching With Willie™ (optional)

Do you struggle when it comes to practice?

Feel like your practice is not productive, or you’re not achieving your goals?

Do you want personalized help to get to the next level?

If this sounds like you, then you’ll love the Coaching With Willie™ program.

With my coaching program, you’ll know exactly which lessons you should be working on and have accountability to keep your practicing on track.

It’s like have a piano teacher on call. Best of all, there’s no cost for the coaching — it’s included in your membership 🙂

Do I have to do coaching? 

No. You can choose to just be a member of the site and not participate in the coaching program. It’s completely up to you.

Live Chat Support

Sometimes you’re stuck and you just need a little help. Not to worry, my team is available on chat daily and they can help you with lesson suggestions, technical problems and any other music or account related issues that you might have! If they are not available, a support ticket will automatically be created for you so your questions get answered.

Hundreds of Piano Courses

As a member of PianoWithWillie, you get to enjoy over 4,000 individual lesson videos in the library covering styles like Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Latin, Funk, Rock and even Classical piano.

Lessons have been organized to make your piano practice more efficient and productive.

Need direction? My ongoing coaching sessions are just what you’re looking for!

Check out my site comparison table to find the right site for you.

There is actually no one else in web music education at the level of Willie Myette and I have hired them all. If you are at all interested in understanding, learning, playing or improving your play at the piano, you must investigate this superb pianist and teacher. Lonnie Moseley

Frequently Asked Questions…

Does this membership include access to your microsites?

No, microsites are a different membership. However, there is so much material at that many students find this fits their piano practice needs. My Premier membership gives you access to all of the lessons at PianoWithWillie and my microsites.

What's included in a membership to PianoWithWillie?

First, I’d suggest taking a look at my course list. Once you’re there, be sure to click on a course name to see the lessons within that course. You can also view the entire lesson list (it’s a long list!)

However, it’s not the content on PianoWithWillie which makes it such a cool place to study. Sure, we have the largest library of detailed, step-by-step lesson videos anywhere, but it is the coaching that really counts.

Willie works with each student individually through an initial coaching session, and in an ongoing fashion through weekly coaching sessions.

If you are in need of direction, you’re going to get that and a whole lot more here at PianoWithWillie!

Is the content on PianoWithWillie updated?
Yes. I regularly add new material and lessons to the site.
How much content is on PianoWithWillie?
PianoWithWillie has over 500 lessons, which at last count was over 700 hours of content!
Can I download the videos?
You can download all of the sheet music, jam tracks and stream the videos as much as you like. Video downloading is not available.
Is PianoWithWillie right for me?

Perfect for beginners to professional level players, you will definitely find a lot to learn on PianoWithWillie. Check out my Site Comparison table to see site differences.

If I don't like the site, can I get a refund?

During special promotions, some memberships have a different refund policy since they are discounted so deeply. Refer to the information on this page before purchase. Read our refund policy.

How can I get help if I need it?

At PianoWithWillie, all students get an initial coaching session directly with me to setup an initial practice plan. After that, students can participate in my group coaching sessions that happen weekly. You can ask questions, get advice on what to practice next and play for the group if you wish!

What are Charter and Studio levels?

A studio-level membership gives you access to everything on the site, including coaching. This is a FULL membership with full access to everything on the site. A Charter membership has the same access level, but there is a 12-month commitment. After 12 months you can cancel, or remain a member and pay only $29 per month! If interested,my Premier membership gives you full access to all lessons at PianoWithWillie, but also access to all of the lessons on my microsites too!

Is coaching mandatory or required?

No, you can choose whether or not you participate in the coaching program. You can also participate by just watching…it’s completely up to you. Coaching is there each week if you need it, but not a requirement. Coaching is included with all memberships, so membership pricing is the same whether you participate in coaching or not.

Membership Options…

There are (3) membership options, but please plan accordingly…memberships close down in only a few days. I only open up membership to my PianoWithWillie site a few times a year. If you miss this opening, you’ll need to wait till we open again. Sorry!

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  • Save 40% over monthly rate!
  • Full access to all lessons
  • Includes Sheet Music
  • Includes MIDI & Audio Files
  • Includes Jam Tracks
  • Includes Coaching With Willie™ and live group sessions
  • 12-month commitment. Read full terms.

One Year

$299/for 1 year
  • One time payment of $299. No recurring charges.
  • Full access to all lessons for 1 year
  • Includes Sheet Music
  • Includes MIDI & Audio Files
  • Includes Jam Tracks
  • Includes Coaching With Willie™ and live group sessions
  • Nothing to cancel (doesn’t renew)

No thanks, I’d rather subscribe monthly for $49 and be able to cancel at any time.