Renew/Upgrade Options

First, thank you for being a member of PianoWithWillie. I appreciate all of your support!

I setup this page to help you understand what has changed and explain the path forward.

I started PianoWithWillie many years ago to store all of my piano lessons. Over time, students wanted to focus their practice on particular styles so I created my microsites: Cocktail Piano Lessons, Funk Piano Lessons, Rock Piano Lessons, Play Blues Piano, Jazz Piano Theory and Music Theory Online.

This worked great for several years but students began to become confused with so many sites.

It was also confusing to know where to find a particular lesson. Was it on PianoWithWillie or a microsite? It was difficult to know.

This led to the decision to consolidate 7 of my sites into one site:

My PianoWithWillie site and all 6 microsites are now housed under one roof,

Can I remain a PianoWithWillie member?

Yes. As long as your membership stays active, you can remain a member of PianoWithWillie with no change to your membership access or rate.

If you are a yearly 1x payment member, you need to renew your yearly membership every year (remember it does not auto-renew) within 2 weeks past your expiration date. Renewal link is below.

If you are a monthly member, and your memberships lapses, you'll need to sign up at for a new membership. 


What Benefits are There To Upgrading to Jazzedge?

Upgrading to Jazzedge gives you access to all content from PianoWithWillie, along with all 6 microsites. Jazzedge also includes live coaching directly with me every 2 weeks.

Click here to learn more about Jazzedge.

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