Course Description

Interested in cocktail piano playing?

This collection is designed to help plan your practice in the lessons from Cocktail Piano Basics 1 & 2. We will be going through line-by-line Cole Porter’s Night And Day and you will learn different techniques that you can stack, mix and move around to create your own arrangement. Part one will show you the first two A sections. Part two will cover the bridge and endings.n part 2 we are going to finish up creating 3 options for lines 5-8 for the Night and Day. We will also cover some “options within the options” like tri-tone substitutions and other ‘goodies’. Finally, we will discuss different endings. This is a definite ‘must-do’ collection if you are interested in cocktail piano playing! If you’re looking for beginner piano lessons I would take a look at HomeSchoolPiano. New to improvisation? I would suggest that you first look at my Beginner Improvisation Boot Camp where you will learn a more simplified, step-by-step improvisation approach. Course level: intermediate to advanced Time to complete this course: 6-8 weeks